Because I Might Have Gone Insane

This blog… Has been in my brain for a long time. Honestly, the day J told me that he wanted to pack up and head out for three years of training, I knew I’d need an outlet. Yes, I have the other blog, but that’s for me… And to talk about everything. It’s all over the place – God, work, my health, plans, and life in general. This needed to be a specific outlet – where I could focus on the newest, most frustrating, and newest blessing, and unexpected path God has placed me on – my new journey as an Army girlfriend, and hopefully as an Army wife one day. And, hopefully, the purpose of this will grow to be to connect with all the strong women who are going through the same thing I am. 

Where you’re not married – so the Army sees you as irrelevant. People on the outside throw out things like “well if it’s so hard, just break up and be done. It’s not like you’re married yet.” Right now, J is home, safe and sound, but I’ve been told to look at this training as if he’s on deployment; don’t be a distraction, love and support him, and be okay with sporadic, not nearly long enough, phone calls. 

I love J, and I know that this journey with him will be worth it. But it would he irresponsible of me to try to say that it isn’t going to be hard. It’s already been harder than I could have imagined that it would be. And it will only get harder. That’s why I picked the name that I did. As a reminder of the way that I want to approach this life – patiently and with as much grace as possible. And because, let’s be real – my whole life will be spent “patiently” waiting on J, who is waiting on the military. So, as is my style – it’s something sweet and sincere with a little bit of sass thrown in there for good measure. 

I don’t know what this process looks like – how often I post, what the content is, or anything. I’m just picking up and rolling. So – there will probably be some patient waiting on everybody’s end as I try to figure this out – thank you in advance for showing me some grace 🙂

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