Deployment By The Numbers

111 : Number of days my husband was away.

5: Number of pillows used to take up space so I wouldn’t feel like I was sleeping by myself.

2 : Number of weeks I lasted until Bravo the Infantry Dog was invited to snuggle in bed with me.

4 : Number of vet visits with Bravo the Infantry Dog

3 : Number of those visits that were because he ate something he shouldn’t have.

6 : Number of weeks I went without shaving my legs, other than my ankles. (It was Ohio in March, don’t judge me.)

350: Rough estimate of the number of cups of coffee drank in a single just-over-three-months long deployment.

4 : Trips I took by myself. This is huge – I had never done that before. Seriously.

5 : times in four months that my car had problems. #deploymentcurse anyone?

6 : Military movie marathons I had on weekends I missed J a lot more than normal.

2 : Cities I visited that I’d never been to. (Detroit was actually my favorite, although the fact that I only ate delicious food and had some awesome company while I was there was probably a huge factor.)

3,000 : Texts sent in the group message between my two best army wife friends.

3: number of dresses I bought that were my ‘homecoming’ dress.

4: Number of razors dulled the week before homecoming. (Pro Tip: Start shaving like halfway through the deployment, ladies. Seriously, just do it.)

3: Also the number of times the homecoming date changed.

5 : Number of times the day of homecoming that I changed my outfit. Ended up in the first dress I bought.

3: Hours that the flight got delayed, after I had already had my dress on and my hair and makeup done.

This was essentially the laziest listicle ever, I know. I’m a little busy, but I’ve been working on posts while he was deployed to post once he came home and we felt comfortable saying he’d been gone – PERSEC and all that, right? 😉

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