Hi, I’m The Sheepdog Wife! I’m married to a wonderful man who’s been in the National Guard for nine years. We live in the Midwest, with our Texas Heeler, who I like to call Bravo The Infantrydog.


I started this blog originally just for myself – to be able to vent and process through my husbands frequent deployments, and to share the ups and downs that come along with military life.

Eventually it evolved into a place where I could reach out to my fellow military wives and, sometimes, help the ‘newbies’ navigate this awesome insanity.

It’s not all about the army wife life, though. I talk about our struggles to get pregnant, our foster to adoption journey, and the way that the military challenges weave in and out of ‘normal’ life. (Like, the fact that we are on our fourth – yes, FOURTH – move as a couple and we’ve only been married a little over two years.)

If you have any questions or a story to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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